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Kong Hee: Living In The Supernatural

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The supernatural realm validates the redemption of a believer as a child of God, and is released when one engages the Word by faith.

Kong Hee: Living In The Supernatural

The kingdom of God is synonymous with the power of God, and as Christians, we must be familiar and comfortable with the supernatural, said Kong Hee during weekend service on Oct 22 and 23.

The Bible is a supernatural book, filled with miraculous acts of signs and wonders from our forefathers of the faith, the apostles of Jesus, and of course, Jesus Himself.

Therefore, those who live by the Bible have also been redeemed to operate in the supernatural, Kong taught. This is a key differentiating factor between those who profess to be Christians and those who do not—the ability to demonstrate signs and wonders, not just putting up a “nice” and “friendly” front.

“We believe in finding a hurt and healing it, finding a need and meeting it, but these are temporary if we do it by human strength; it will be eternal if we operate in the supernatural,” said Kong.

He referenced from Ephesians 1:17-19, pointing out that Apostle Paul’s main prayer for believers was that they would know by revelation “the hope of His calling”—a unique life assignment given to every individual by Jesus Himself.

“We do not live to just survive, make ends meet and pay off our mortgage, but to make a difference in our generation,” said Kong.

Kong Hee: Living In The SupernaturalChristians Serve A Miracle-Working God

He shared a testimony about praying for the father of Wayne Chang, a pastor from Hsien Tien Covenant Church in Taiwan. The elder Chang was in a critical state with acute viral hepatitis; his liver medication was not working and if his condition did not improve within the next 24 hours, he would not survive. Kong called Chang.

“We prayed on the phone until I felt a release in the spirit and that the burden has been lifted; indeed, the Bible tells us that we should cast our burdens on Jesus,” said Kong. By the next morning, in less than 12 hours, Chang’s father’s condition had improved so significantly, he was fit for discharge. Subsequent check-ups saw continuous improvement.

This is the miracle-working God we serve, said Kong.

Quoting Acts 2:22 which says that Jesus was a Man “attested by God”—proven, confirmed to be genuine—through miracles, signs and wonders, Kong likewise said that the supernatural validates our redemption as children of God.

We who believe in Jesus enter into His rest, and we do not struggle the way unbelievers struggle, said the senior pastor. There has to be a difference between how believers and unbelievers live, and when we disregard the supernatural, we become vulnerable to the attacks of the devil, easily manipulated and shaken.

Stating that the supernatural is something that cannot be explained yet cannot be denied (Acts 4:16), Kong exhorted the congregation to continually step into the realm of the supernatural.

When we are faced with any situation in life, we must turn to a supernatural God for a supernatural answer, he said.

He related the story of Yusak Suharto, an Indonesian businessman in Surabaya who discovered that the city government planned to build a road through the land his warehouse was sitting on. This would render his property completely worthless. Without anywhere or anyone to turn to for help, he went to the Graha Bethany Nginden church in Surabaya one day, where Kong was preaching about the Holy Spirit and fourth dimension living, that is, thinking, visualizing, believing and speaking out the Word of God.

Suharto applied what he heard to his circumstance, thinking, visualising, believing and speaking out the removal of this obstacle. Six months later, he received news that the planned work that would cut through his land had been moved to another location.

Kong heard Suharto’s testimony on radio in Surabaya one day when he was in traffic. Kong recalled, “He said, ‘I learned one thing: if Jesus says He can move mountains, for sure He can also move roads.’”

Supernatural signs follow those who believe, not just the preachers, leaders or those who have been attending church for a long time (Mark 16:17), added Kong.

How Do Christians Enter The Supernatural Realm?

The key to walking in the supernatural is by revelation of God’s Word, said Kong. The Word is the custodian, the “holder”, the entry point to the supernatural.

The supernatural is released when we believe the Word and put the Word to work by meditating, visualizing, believing and speaking it over our lives and circumstances.

Any truth and revelation we engage by faith will translate into the supernatural, said Kong, referring to John 14:21, in which Jesus promises believers He will manifest Himself to those who keeps His commandments, engaging the Word by faith.

The senior pastor rounded up the service with an announcement about this year’s Arise and Build campaign, which will take place over one weekend—Nov 5 and 6, 2016.

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