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SME Fiesta 2009: Jardin Smith International

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_mg_8516If an investment that offers maximum profit potential and minimum risk sounds good, then consider owning a small part of England through land-banking with Jardin Smith International.

How land-banking works is really simple, says Charmaine Lun, a client relationship manager with Jardin Smith. The company first sources for land in various geographical sites in the United Kingdom. These sites are researched to ascertain that they possess great potential for development. Next, the company apportions the land into smaller plots for sale to investors. It’s like buying a piece of land, without the headache of applying for planning permission. It’s totally legitimate — you will receive a title deed for your parcel of land and yearly updates.

Despite a non-guarantee for the planning permission, Jardin Smith International has developed itself into one of the region’s leading investment firms, thanks to a team of professionals capable of identifying land with high yield returns. On top of that, with the investment period ranging only between three and seven years, land-banking is an attractive mid-term investment option.

Making this investment more exciting to Singaporeans is the fluctuation of the Singapore dollar against the British pound. Coupled with prudence, individual investors can enjoy favorable foreign exchange transactions, which result in a profitable overseas property investment that puts you at nearly zero risk.

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