Theresa Tan

A Hoppy Easter At JAMs

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JAMs service charmed all its members this year with a colorful drama and won hearts with a simple and powerful message.

A Hoppy Easter At JAMs

It was a bunny sight: man-sized “rabbits” stood at the doors to City Harvest Church, greeting churchgoers as they arrived by bus, exchanging hellos and high-fives.

CHC’s Jesus for All Minds service may have been in existence for over 20 years but the passion and enthusiasm of its staff and volunteers never seem to abate. Each year, the team pulls out all the stops to make “big days” (Easter and Christmas on the church’s calendar) special for their congregation.

This year, a beautiful garden setting greeted the JAMs members as they walked into the basement auditorium of CHC’s Jurong West church. Man-sized carrots popped out of giant plots; lanterns lit up “grass patches”.

“We began planning for Easter in February,” said Lily Yong, the pastor in charge of JAMs. “The [bunny patch] idea was in line with the sermon I wanted to share, about people’s journey to heaven.”

A Hoppy Easter At JAMs

When the 375 attendees—comprising members, their family members and helpers—had settled down, the service began with praise and worship, always a significant time for the members, who love to come into the presence of God.

The skit—about three bunnies who try to figure out the way to heaven, and explore good works and special gifts before learning that there is only one Way—entertained the congregation while serving as an illustration of the way that humankind often thinks about eternal life.

“I shared on John 14:6—‘Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me’,” said Yong. The simple three-point sermon held profound truths that were easily understood by the congregation.

“Jesus is our GPS,” preached Yong. “Whenever we’ve lost the meaning of life or even lost in the sins of our life and we are not sure where can and who can we follow, we need to remember that the way is through Jesus! So if we are willing to follow Jesus, He will lead us to the right way and the right path because Jesus is the Way!”

A Hoppy Easter At JAMs

When Yong gave an altar call at the end of her sermon, 93 people came forward to receive salvation through Jesus.

The JAMs team and volunteers did not stop there—they also prayed for the sick during the service, believing for healing as that was also a significant aspect of Jesus’ work on the Cross.

“I was happy with the service: the service atmosphere was good, and you could sense joy and excitement in the air,” said Yong. “Our JAMs members and their caregivers and parents really enjoyed the short skit that we put up. During the altar call, I could sense the strong and tangible Presence of God.We also took some time to really pray for the sick. I felt God wanted to heal people with backache, sinus and knee pain. The leaders and volunteers took time to lay hands and pray for the sick.”

A Hoppy Easter At JAMs

The 85 volunteers who supported the event came away excited and blessed because many caregivers and guests responded to the altar call. There were even healing testimonies: two JAMs members with backaches were able to stand up straight without pain. Another who experienced pain in her knees felt better after prayer.

Said volunteer Carman Chew, “I’m really happy because one of our member’s helper and her granddaughter both responded to altar call. The granddaughter also received prayer for healing and said her head felt much better after that.”

A Hoppy Easter At JAMs

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