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The Tree Of Life: Moments We Remember

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City Harvest bids farewell to its beloved Tree of Life—a meeting point and seating structure that has welcomed members for five years.

When City Harvest Church returned to Suntec Singapore for its worship services in 2013, the Tree of Life became the meeting point and icon of Hall 605, where members met and hung out before and after services. It served as a beautiful centerpiece as well as a seating area for the members.

Over the years, CHC members have created many memories around the well-loved tree. Before service started, members would gather round playing guitars, having Bible study sessions or simply sitting and talking with friends. After the services ended, children will rush out of the Harvest Kidz rooms to play at the tree.

It has served the members well for half a decade, but come this weekend (Mar 3 and 4), the Tree of Life will be taken down for good. In its place will be new seating arrangements. City News brings you some special memories CHC members have built around the tree.

The Tree Of Life: Moments We Remember

“We got married at the Tree of Life!”

“The Tree of Life is special to us because we said our vows under the tree.” Jeffrey Choong, visual effects editor.

The Tree Of Life: Moments We Remember

“We held our wedding reception at the Tree of Life.”

Chua Huimin, 28 and her husband held their wedding ceremony at Hall 606, followed by a reception around the Tree of Life. “The Tree of Life was where I had my first family photo taken in a church setting. It was their first time stepping into the church. And I believe it won’t be the last.”

The Tree Of Life: Moments We Remember

Birthdays were celebrated at the Tree of Life.

Every now and then, you would see a large crowd of members, usually youths, gathered near the Tree, holding balloons, banners and placards, waiting to celebrate the birthday of their pastor or pastoral supervisor.

The Tree Of Life: Moments We Remember

Art jamming happened at the Tree of Life.

Last March, young people involved in the Emerge programme expressed their creativity at Art Jam sessions held on Mar 31, 2017. During the June 2017 school holidays, parents paired with their kids to enjoy art jamming too.

The Tree Of Life: Moments We Remember

“Picnics” at the Tree of Life.

Harvest Kidz, CHC’s ministry for children, held two picnics at the Tree of Life last year. The first was “Aircon Picnic”—the children brought food to share with their friends after service. The other was “Brunch With Love” where two cell groups in the church sponsored lunch for more than 550 children.

The Tree Of Life: Moments We Remember

Learning at the Tree of Life.

Bible study sessions happen weekly near the Tree of Life. One very special session took place in May 2014 when staff members of CHC attended a three-day course conducted by Christian clinical psychologists Drs. Robi and Noleen Sonderegger. Around the Tree of Life, the staffers were taught a structured framework in providing pastoral care and counseling.

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