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How I Met God At Supernatural 17

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A City News writer shares her reflection on Supernatural 17, a meeting organised by several pastoral zones in City Harvest Church.

How I Met God At Supernatural 17

Unless I remind myself, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been in City Harvest Church for 10 years. Every encounter I’ve had with God in this place has left me refreshed, hungry and thinking about how to be more like Jesus. God speaks and when I hear Him, what I want is to obey.

Supernatural 17 was a meeting organized by a number of pastoral zones in CHC on Nov 9. I made my way to Jurong West at 630pm and was the first in the queue. I knew it was going to be a phenomenal meeting and I wanted to be right up front to linger in His presence. When God speaks, you don’t want to miss it.

Right from the beginning, the congregation was prayerful and expectant. When Lim Meng Chin, a pastoral coordinator in CHC, got us to pray with our hearts and to worship freely, I felt stirred up and excited in my spirit. He asked all of us in the congregation to rise up and pray for someone we didn’t know. He encouraged us to give a prophetic word to the person we were praying with. My partner was a 15-year-old girl, Clara. Her When she prayed for me, I was amazed that she gave me a word applicable to my life.

Next, executive pastor Bobby Chaw preached on how every Christian can equip themselves with a “PhD”—to preach, to heal and to deliver. Whenever Jesus sent the disciples, He sent them with the power to preach, heal and deliver. It made me think about the lack of confidence I had in Christ. Many times I doubted if I could preach, heal or deliver the oppressed. The Word planted a seed of faith in me.

How I Met God At Supernatural 17

Many times in our Christian walk, we ask God for signs to help us see the person we are supposed to be. But once our eyes are opened to the fact that God has anointed us, and that we have been given the same power as Jesus Christ, we would live our lives very differently. Like what Pastor Bobby says, “It doesn’t matter what your background is. If you can believe, only believe.”

It has been 10 years for me, and my journey to discovering God as a loving Father and the Holy Spirit as a Powerful Helper whom Jesus sent, has been most amazing. At Supernatural, I was reminded that since I can believe, let that be what I will do. It’s one thing to witness miracles performed, it’s another to believe that God can use me to perform those miracles.

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