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Staying Hungry For God

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Father, pastor and blogger Edmund Tay talks about what inspired him to start blogging and the key to responsible social media use.

Staying Hungry For God

A blogger and a God-chaser.
PHOTO: Sky Lim

Media-savvy Edmund Tay has garnered attention for his award-winning family blog over the years, but not everyone knows that the father-of-three first accepted Christ at the age of 23 and has served tirelessly in City Harvest Church as a youth pastor since 2010. Last year, he co-wrote what is now the CHC worship song “No One Like You” with his zone members. Today, he sits down with City News Weekly to share his blogging journey and his encouragement for Christian youth of today.

What inspired you to start blogging?

I started my blog in 2008 when I felt challenged to try something new and different. That period was during the arrival of my first daughter, Nicole. I started writing as a platform to showcase pictures of her, and also to update friends and relatives about my daughter’s latest news. The blog started as a useful outlet for me and from there, it just took off!

As an active blogger and social media user, what is some key advice you can give Christian youth on using social media in a way that is God-pleasing and edifying?

The old but popular axiom “think before you post” is definitely true and important. Part of growing in spiritual maturity is being responsible for the words that we speak, and knowing the repercussions of the content we post online. We should remember that social media reaches to everyone so it should not be used as a platform to rant irresponsibly or just to let out our emotions. Ultimately, we are accountable for what comes out of our mouth and whatever we say should honor God.

If you could share just one thing with Christian youth today, what would you say to them?

I would say, work towards being a fervent disciple of Jesus Christ. It is great to be excellent in earthly and natural things, but it is more important to be excellent in the things of the supernatural. Be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and never be afraid to pay a price for following Jesus Christ.

What would Pastor Edmund of today tell his younger self if he could go back in time?

I accepted Christ while studying overseas in Perth. If I could go back to that period again, I would tell myself to never lose my passion for God and to be more open towards the things of God. Also, I would tell myself to never stop chasing after the things of God and His works!

Who are your personal faith heroes outside of CHC?

I listen to Bill Johnson, Steven Furtick and various other prominent preachers that speak about revival for our generation.

What is one way in which you have cultivated greater sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in your personal walk with God?

I learn to develop a hunger for the things of the Spirit—that means simply spending an hour each day in prayer and worship to dwell in the Holy Spirit’s presence regardless of how busy I am.

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