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They Fasted, Prayed, Praised For 72 Hours

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City Harvest Church went on a 72-hour period of fasting, praying and praising God, believing for a breakthrough.

They Fasted, Prayed, Praised For 72 Hours

In keeping with what it had been learning recently from its senior pastor Kong Hee about fasting, prayer and praise, City Harvest Church declared a 72-hour fasting and prayer chain from 6am on Oct 7 to 6am on Oct 10. As the church members fasted for three day, each attended one (or more) of the numerous prayer meetings organized round the clock in that period. Members met to pray together at the church’s Jurong West and Suntec campuses.

They Fasted, Prayed, Praised For 72 HoursThe concept of fasting and praying comes from the Bible. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

In the Book of Esther, when the Jews were on the verge of being destroyed by Haman, King Ahasuerus’s chief vizier, Queen Esther chose to risk her life to approach the King. She sent word to her people to fast and pray for three days with her, and her plan was successful and her people were saved.

Such was the spirit over CHC’s three-day fast and prayer—the people gathered to ask God for miracles and breakthroughs for the church and themselves.

At a prayer meeting held on the third day of fasting (Oct 9), spirits were high as the congregation took to a time of praise and worship. The prayer meeting was led by Kong, who shared a word of encouragement. Whatever the devil intends to make barren and dry, God will turn around and grow it, he said. He also encouraged the congregation to keep building His house, especially in this difficult season that the church is going through.

They Fasted, Prayed, Praised For 72 HoursIn between sessions of prayer, Kong shared with the congregation that even though it had been a very difficult time for the church because of the investigation and court trial that have gone on since 2010, the members have been faithful and have defended the church. He led the congregation to pray for the cell group leaders who had stood firm in the face of accusation and the devil’s attacks.

“Every week you come, you worship, you serve and you defend the church,” Kong said. “God is going to bless us. Let’s pray for the cell group leaders because they have stood firm in the midst of tremendous accusation, tremendous humiliation and effort by the devil to destroy our church.”

One segment of the prayer meeting was dedicated to praying for certain groups of people. Kong explained that the church must pray for the members’ individual needs as well.  Those gathered interceded fervently for the seven generations of church members–that there would be no parental objection, and for love to bind their hearts.

“He will perform miracle upon miracle, to deliver and rescue this church.” Kong proclaimed, confessing Exodus 14. “What has come against City Harvest has come against His kingdom. He will arise for His namesake and glory. Stand still and you will see His miracles!”

Bringing the message back to the three-day fasting and praying chain, Kong shared that just as Esther had proclaimed during the fasting period that the Jewish declared when they were facing their enemy, CHC also cried out to God to deliver them. Kong continually reminded the congregation that their weapons are not carnal, but spiritual and they are powerful for the pulling down of strongholds (2 Nor 10:4).


They Fasted, Prayed, Praised For 72 HoursEileen Chin, a 26-year-old member from pastoral supervisor, Leila Tan’s zone shared that after she spent two days praying and fasting, she had a spiritual encounter with God and she was moving closer to her breakthrough. She prayed that the church would stay strong, united and be of good support to one another, staying and true and focused on God.

Aziel Yeo, a 22-year-old student from pastoral supervisor Ee Boon Kiat’s zone said that spending that amount of time in prayer meetings had allowed him to feel comfortable in God’s presence. He shared that God revealed new avenues for him to channel his prayer to during the prayer meetings.

“I hope that the verdict will be in favour of the six,” he said. “I also pray that outsiders would have a good impression of the church and Christianity by extension, and that God will continue using Pastor Kong.”

Doris Lau, a 55-year-old member from the zone led by pastor Joseph Ang, prayed in her home daily throughout this period. Her personal desire was to remain healthy and to continue to be strengthened in her inner woman.

“One spiritual breakthrough I encountered was that the Holy Spirit reminded me that God is in control of all circumstances, whether for the church or for us as individuals. I hope that the church will continue to spread the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus.”

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