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Christians In Singapore Support City Harvest Church In Prayer

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Overseas and local churches alike are upholding City Harvest Church and its leaders in prayer as the start of the second tranche of court hearing begins. 

Christians In Singapore Support City Harvest Church In Prayer


Seen outside the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Upper Payer Lebar Road and Landmark Church in Little India are banners that declaring that these churches are praying for City Harvest Church and its leaders.

“We promise City Harvest and its leaders that we’ll continue to support you till the end, and we’re going to see the victory together, in the name of Jesus,” says Rev. Dr. Babu Dayanand, senior pastor of Landmark Church.

The leaders of CHC steps into court the second time this week as the second tranche of the trial commences. The prosecution alleges that CHC’s senior pastor Kong Hee, pastor Tan Ye Peng, Serina Wee, Sharon Tan, John Lam and Chew Eng Han have misappropriated more than S$50 million of church funds and have committed criminal breach of trust.

In this trying period, it has been heartening for members to see the support of other local churches.

Another organization praying for CHC is the LoveSingapore movement which has a network of 60,000 Christians. Besides having pastors pray for CHC from the pulpit, the committee also encourages church members to continue to pray for CHC and their senior pastor Kong Hee, who is involved in the court case, as often as possible. This network of churches in their daily Morning Prayer anchored by different churches daily, and also in the churches’ individual prayer meetings.

Lawrence Khong, Chairman of LoveSingapore shared that the motivation behind praying is love.

“Because we love God and because we love the Church,” he tells City News. “There is only one Church in this city–many congregation make up this one Church and CHC is one of the many. We are family and we are the Body of Christ. When one part (of the Body) hurts, every part hurts.

“This is a time of severe testing for the entire Body of Christ. We are all on trial before a righteous God who is all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful. So, we would much rather talk more with our righteous God and less with others, especially on social media.”

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