Touching the Youth of Japan

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Contributed by Clara Wong

Wu Yu Zhuang, a zone pastor from City Harvest Church, was invited by Pastor Sakai of Tokyo Urban Church, to preach at his Youth Camp in March 2009. Tokyo Urban Church is one of 200 Assemblies of God churches in Japan.

Japan Mission TripJapan Mission Trips

Wu opened the camp with a stirring message about being prepared to rise up and respond when God calls. Using an interesting analogy of a rotating stage, Wu presented the youths with this question: “Will you be there when the stage turns?”

The message deeply stirred the hearts of the young people, and many of them responded to Wu’s challenge with tears streaming down their cheeks. It was a touching sight as Wu laid hands and prayed for each one of them individually.

Japan Mission TripsJapan Mission Trips
PHOTOS: Clara Joy Wong

On the following day, Wu gave a new message. He encouraged the youths to take up the baton and to step up as the next generation of leaders in the church. He gave several examples of the heroes of faith from the Bible, such as King David, Daniel and Timothy, who accomplished extraordinary works despite their youth. Many in the meeting were visibly moved by the message.

The camp climaxed with Wu’s final session. By this time, the room was filled with excitement and anticipation, and Wu did not disappoint. He showed two videos of humanitarian projects in Asia to motivate the youths to help the less fortunate in the world.

Many of the young people were so touched by what they saw and experienced at the camp, they made a commitment to lay down their lives for God.

Even the team from Singapore benefited from this trip. Brenda Ang, an assistant to Wu, said: “I have learned to step out of my comfort zone to serve God with whatever talents that God has given to me. What inspired me most was the zeal and passion with which these Japanese youth serve God.”

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  1. lingli August 30, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    hi pastor zhuang i hope that i can learn from u as i just came in nt long ago by i really enjoy the words when u speech as it great tks pastor

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