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Testimony: Blessed and Equipped at SOT

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An interview with School of Theology graduate Teresa Tan

Why do you want to go School Of Theology (SOT) and what is your motivation for wanting to go?
Ever since rededicating my life to God when I came to City Harvest Church in May 2003, I had a strong desire to know more of God’s word and to be properly equipped and trained in the things of God. I was hungry for more of God in my life.

When I started to lead my own cell group in December 2005, I felt an even stronger need to be properly and effectively trained in the Word of God. I also wanted to be more effective in my ministry to my members. Back then, I had only 12 members under me, but I was believing God that I could multiply it.

What were some of the sacrifices made when you decided to go SOT?
I left my job in a German multi-national corporation in May 2006.  I had been in the company for six years. It was a good job with attractive opportunities. Even though, I had an average salary of S$10,000, I did not find fulfillment in what I was doing, I only stayed there as it was in my comfort zone.

When I decided to leave the corporate world, it made the way for God to speak to me to go to SOT in 2007. And it began to make sense to me why I left my unfulfilling 14-hour-a-day job in the corporate world. I was freed up to go to SOT. Still it took a big step of faith — in order for me to have an income, I decided to start my own business in financial services where income may be irregular.

What was the best part of SOT?
It is the presence of God. Every morning in our daily devotion, we were praising and worshiping God, sitting under the Word of God, soaking in His presence. We learn practical skills such as how to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, how to do deliverance, how to be effective witnesses for Christ, the art of preaching and writing our own sermons.

SOT also taught me leadership principles which enabled me to better lead and grow my cell group. As a result of this, I grew my cell group from 12 to 50 members! I have since multiplied my cell group twice. Also I am involved in the aircrew fellowship. We started with 10 members and now it has grown to 30 members!

During SOT, I had to juggle between school commitments and assignments; meeting sales targets in my business; leading and growing my own cell group, having a balanced family and personal life. My spiritual and emotional capacity became enlarged during SOT. I also begun to rely more on God and less on my own strength.

How has SOT helped you?
Through the training in SOT, I have become more confident in engaging people in the marketplace. I am also more confident of my leadership skills. I learnt how to apply the Word of God to be the salt and light in the marketplace, especially in my field of financial services where I have to give regular talks to clients.

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