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Anime lookalike pop-duo BY2, dropped by the Singapore Expo a couple of months ago and delivered an energetic performance that wowed their audience. City News caught up with the leggy 16 year old twins, Bai Wei Ling and Bai Wei Fen, who readily took time out from their busy schedules to grace this interview.

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When did you realize that your dream is to be a pop star?

Since we were young! We’ve always loved performing, and because we are twins, friends and relatives always loved to see us sing and dance. We enjoyed ourselves too. We’ve always had a love and passion for performing.

Can you tell us about some of the obstacles you’ve faced along the way and how did you overcome them?

There were times when people didn’t understand our decision to quit school in order to pursue our dreams. Also, it was very stressful when we first stayed in Taipei alone, without our family. We really hope that people will see the earnest efforts we’ve put in to be trained and groomed as artistes, and not think that there is little substance underneath the youthful and cutesy persona. After living in Taipei for quite some time on our own, we’ve learned how to be independent and to take care of ourselves. Our perseverance and faith in God have helped us overcome these obstacles. And there’s our mum, who has been a great support to us this entire time!

You mentioned about your faith in God. How do you stay strong in your faith in the entertainment industry?

No matter how busy or tired we are, we pray and read the Bible everyday. We try to attend New Life Church in Taipei as regularly as we can. The church is like our home away from home in Singapore. We have friends and people who care for us like family. There is a sense of belonging in New Life Church. Listening to the weekly sermons also helps us to recharge our faith!

With your busy schedule, do you have time to date? Who would you define as your ideal Prince Charming?

We have never been in any relationship before! And we don’t have time for dating actually. Currently, there is no ‘Prince Charming’ for either one of us, but we’d like someone who is musically inclined; someone who can sing and dance well. Talented guys appeal to us! Oh yes, and he must love God too!

Lastly, can you tell us about your personal hero? Who do you look up to the most?

Our dad is our personal hero! To us, he was a warrior who fought till the very end. Musically, we really admire Avril Lavigne, we love her style and music!

Beneath their cutesy, bubblegum get-up are two girls who’ve chosen a path that not many girls their age dare to or are able to walk down. As long as they have their faith and each other, this walk will not be a lonely one.

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